Ramiru Kirisaki

Ideal colors for adding a sense of depth to your artwork.

This set includes a wide range of neutral colors great for expressing the sense of transparency, or contrasting light and dark. コピックチャオ36色セットE

Copic Ciao 36pc Color Set E

Copic Ciao 36pc Color Set E

■ Example

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Ramiru Kirisaki  http://rmr.webcrow.jp

Ms. Kirisaki was born in Gunma, Japan.
She takes ideas from Japanese myths and ancient history and incorporated it into her fantasy world. Her distinctive style and fertile imagination are widely-recognized through illustrations, character designs, and live demonstrations for Copic fans.

On Copic:
Before starting this project shown above, I categorized all 36 colors into 3 main groups. “Dark colors which provide a sense of depth”, “colors which give an accent to artwork” and “pale colors suitable for expressing the light” – these pale colors can be served as mediator for the different colors as well.
There are a variety of methods to use these colors. You can thin the dark color with pale color, also you can create the new color by layering various different colors.

Through working on this project, I discovered a couple of things this set can do.
First, this set offers a wide variety of flesh colors (R000, YR000 and E000) so that I can choose the proper color based on personality of a character.
Second, since the contrast difference of color in each color family is quite big, I could add a sense of depth if I control those colors appropriately. I recommend you to start with 000 (light) colors while you’re not used to the blending technique. Then try the darker colors little by little.
Finally, this set contains the neutral colors suitable for coloring the backgrounds and details (gadgets or accesories), not only coloring the characters.

If you want to try many variations of expression and encompass different styles to your work, this is the set for you.


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