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Ms. Huang is a popular craft artist from Taiwan. Famous for her handcrafted pieces and crafts books, she was the grand winner of the Hobby & Craft category for COPIC AWARD 2017. Ms. Huang's works are renowned internationally, and participants for the 2019 Hobby Show showed great interest in participating in her crafting workshop there.

She holds crafting classes in her "The Crafter hand-made workshop" in Taiwan. 
Facebook: @SmallWorldOfShrinkPlastic

"My favorite trait of Copic is the ink transparency."

When and why did you start to use Copic?
I encountered Copic in my Artistic Expression course in college. During those lessons, I learned about reproducing the qualities of various substances such as metals, gum, and building materials. Copic is so useful because it's possible to create beautiful gradations, even on plastic boards. I tried other marker brands before, but none of them could match Copic's transparency.

When did you start crafting?
I thought it would be awesome to create something with my hands in my college years. I started to make handiwork during my spare time or for gifts to convey my feelings for a special person. I have used Copic since then.

I took part in the Melbourne Holyday Artist Show a few times during my amateur days but started my artist career in 2016 in Taiwan. I'm working on my crafts, holding workshops, and writing craft books now.

What are the Copic colors you use the most in your works?
I love to use very similar tones to make gradations. I use B00, B12, B24 regularly; My favorites are pale colors such as BV00, V00, RV00, R00, YR00, Y00, YG00, G00, and BG00.

So, you often use the 00 color line. Do you take into consideration the color family and number when choosing markers?
Yes. It's hard to fix the tone gradations when using Copic on plastic sheets. The color system is easy to use, so I won't get lost when choosing colors.

Why do you continue to use Copic markers?
I continue to use Copic markers because they are durable, cheap, and simple to use. I still use the Copic markers I got over 20 years ago. Copic has refills and replacements nibs, so you can use them without buying a new marker and don't have that firm, peculiar smell of alcohol markers. For someone like me who travels a lot, finding Copic in almost every country is also of great value, since I can refill or buy them everywhere.

Thank you so much for using Copic for such a long time. Did you find out any new techniques while using them?
I figured out how to dye and apply gradations for colors on plastic boards the same way you do on paper. The colors won't stick if you only paint on a plastic sheet, so to help the dyes penetrate the material, I create tiny marks and cuts to make the board surface uneven.

"I want everyone to enjoy the Copic Awards."

Thank you so much for participating in our 1st Copic Competition for Copic's 30th anniversary. How was it participating in the Copic Award competition?  
I learned a lot from this experience by seeing the artworks of artists from every corner of the world and how different expressions are possible with Copic. As a long-time Copic user, it was great to come across this competition. For me, it was moving to see my entry selected as a winner and receiving the special 358 Copic case with my name engraved on it. 

"Ms. Huang's 2017 Copic Award Entry.
She earned the Copic Hobby & Craft grand title thanks to these real-looking butterflies."

Did something change after you won the Copic competition?
Winning this competition had a good influence on my career. I received calls to attend many craft events, more work requests, and more students have participated in my workshops.

We're happy to hear that! Do you have any message for people interested in participating in the Copic Award?
Copic Award is the perfect contest to show the world your art and your passion. It's one of the few global competitions so you can interact by seeing other artworks. I recommend anyone interested to join this competition because even if you don't win the contest, you'll have a beautiful experience.

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