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New Product : Copic acrea

New Products2024.6.12

Copic is excited to introduce Copic acrea, the first water-based marker in the Copic series.

Copic acrea is suitable for a wide range of purposes including illustration, art, decoration, and writing on various surfaces. It is designed to work well on its own with its versatile pigment ink. It is also possible to draw over Copic alcohol markers, expanding the range of artistic expression in making illustrations.

In Japan, Copic acrea will be available in mid-June, ahead of the rest of the world. The number of countries and stores selling Copic acrea outside Japan will gradually be increased from July 2024.

A pop-up event for Copic acrea will take place at Square Zero in the Tokyo Station ticket gates from June 14 to June 16 to celebrate the launch. Participants in the campaign will receive exclusive original goods from the event. Please visit our official site for additional product details and information about the pop-up event.

We will also be running a monitoring campaign on Copic's social media accounts. Stay tuned and follow us for more updates about the event.

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