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Before inquiries ... Frequently asked questions are summarized as "FAQ" below.
First of all, please confirm them. If you still have question, please contact us.

FAQ:About lineup

  1. Is Copic the first alcohol-based marker in the world?
  2. Who invented Copic?
  3. What is Copic?
  4. What about international sales?
  5. Origin of the marker pens
  6. How to dispose Copic products?
  7. Sketch vs. Ciao?
  8. Copic has such a wide range of colors. I can’t decide what colors to choose first.
  9. Where can I purchase the Copic markers?
  10. Can Copic be applied on metal, glass, plastic, acrylic or film?
  11. What is the correct way to store Copic products?

FAQ:About how to use

  1. There are small cracks in my marker…
  2. The lines with oil-based ink do bleed…
  3. I have trouble refilling the marker with ink, using Various Ink and booster…
  4. The tip of Super Brush nib went kind of whitish…
  5. There is a clump on the Super Brush nib.
  6. The ink drips off from Super Brush nib. I can’t figure out what’s behind it…
  7. When I uncapped a Ciao marker, inner cotton has come off together…
  8. I can’t remove the cap of Copic Ciao because it’s too tight…
  9. Copic ink stays on my hands and it’s very hard to clean off…
  10. Should Copic markers be stored vertically or horizontally?
  11. I stuck my artwork colored in Copic on a wall – After a while I noticed wallpaper has got discolored…
  12. I forgot to put cap on, and the nib has dried up…
  13. I put the cap back on the marker and refilled enough ink properly, but the nib has dried up… Why?
  14. The cap feels loose.
  15. I spilled Copic ink on my clothes …
  16. How the Copic markers should be stored? Flat or vertical?
  17. There is a clump in the Copic Ink.

FAQ:About quality

  1. Will Copic ink on artwork fade over time?
  2. How long Copic can be used?
  3. About digital printout

FAQ:About spec

  1. Do the colors which contain a chemical name “Cadmium” in their own name actually contain cadmium as a constituent?
  2. Is it allowed to carry COPIC products in the carry-on baggage on airplanes/to overseas by airfreight?
  3. About two types of gray on the nib parts of marker
  4. The reason the Copic marker’s body is light gray
  5. Is Copic ink oil-based or water-based?
  6. Please tell me the pH level of Copic ink…
  7. Does odor of Copic ink have a harmful health effect?
  8. I heard there is a thinner for Copic markers?
  9. Why can’t Sketch Fine nib be used with a Copic Ciao?

FAQ:About color

  1. Are there any traps when using the used marker and brand-new marker together?
  2. Which color numbers for current Copic Classic correspond to the old color numbers?
  3. Could you tell me how to darken the color of “black” Copic?
  4. Working with Grays
  5. The slight color difference of cap’s end
  6. Are there gold, silver , copper or bronze in Copic color?
  7. It looks like the cap’s end has the same color of the ink inside, but the color is slightly different from the actual ink. Why?
  8. What is a difference between 100 Black and 110 Special Black?


  1. How the Multiliners and other pens should be stored? Flat or vertical?
  2. A tip for Multiliner pen seems like just a simple plastic stick. I’m wondering where the ink comes from.
  3. Is there any difference between the Multiliner and Multiliner SP ink?
  4. I feel like the ink for Multiliner Black seems “light”…
  5. A cap of Multiliner SP falls off when I attach it on the rear end of pen.
  6. Do you have a plan to release Multiliner with nib width 0.02mm, like Copic Modeler pen in the future?
  7. Are you planning to release Multiliner (Wine, Cobalt and Olive) with nib width 0.03mm?
  8. Please tell me the estimated usable period of Multiliner.
  9. It seems current Multiliner is a bit different than before…
  10. Please advise the colors of Copic closest to each color of Multiliner.

FAQ:Drawing pen F series

  1. Please tell me the pH level of Copic Drawing Pen F series…
  2. I forgot to put cap on, and the pen has dried out…
  3. Is the ink of Drawing Pen F series compatible with Copic markers?
  4. Is Copic Drawing Pen F01 a dip pen?
  5. Why the ink for Copic Drawing Pen F series is not refillable?
  6. Is Copic Drawing Pen F series can be used for drawing the Beta-Flash effect (focusing lines represent the shine or speed)?
  7. Is there variation in quality of tip for Copic Drawing Pen F series?
  8. What is the tip of Copic Drawing Pen F series made of?
  9. Will the tip of Copic Drawing Pen F series be worn away?
  10. I heard the ink for Copic Drawing Pen F series is water-resistant.
  11. Eraser might cause the blurs or disappearance of lines?
  12. The drawing lines became wider…
  13. I feel like the ink for Copic Drawing Pen F series seems “light”…
  14. Is Copic Drawing Pen F01 suitable for heavy lines?


  1. Characteristic of Soft Watercolor Paper (Gasenshi)
  2. Why does the color of Copic ink look different on different types of paper?
  3. What kind of paper is most suitable for Copic?
  4. Could you recommend any paper from Copic Paper Selections?
  5. I’d like to purchase the paper used for the surface of Copic Shikishi Illustration Board.

FAQ:Airbrush System

  1. I bought the “AIR ADAPTOR SET” by mistake. Is there a way to use it with Air Cans?
  2. Why the size of particle are different depending on the color of ink?
  3. How do I protect areas which I do not want to spray on?
  4. How long Copic marker or Air Can will last, in normal use?
  5. What does “3 atmospheres” mentioned in the instructions for Airbrush System mean?
  6. The air is leaking…
  7. Spraying does not work appropriately…
  8. What coupler is used with the air hose on the Air Adapter?


  1. Does Empty Plastic Case include a lid?
  2. I noticed two different volume units (cc and ml) are indicated on the products . What would be the differences between these?
  3. I have trouble refilling marker with a 200ml Various Ink bottle.
  4. Is there a Copic carrying case?
  5. Could you tell me a method to dilute the concentration of Opaque White?
  6. My Opaque White has been crystallized. How can I return it to original state?
  7. Any requirements for storing the Optional Nibs for long periods of time?
  8. Please tell me the cleaning procedure for Refill Booster…

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