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Copic Drawing Book Mini (Gasen-Shi)

Copic Drawing Book Mini (Gasen-Shi)

High-quality Japanese washi paper for water color finish

This premium Japanese washi paper in a postcard sized spiral-bound book allows you to achieve a soft ink- or watercolor painting effect. Ink applied to this paper spreads beautifully and does not bleed through. Ideal for use with the Super Brush featured in Copic Sketch and Ciao.


Copic Drawing Book Mini (Gasen-Shi)
15 sheets of acid-free washi paper
Size / A6 (postcard)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What is Gasen-shi?


    Gasen-shi is a general term for paper used in calligraphy. Since ink easily soaks into it and because it is very easy to achieve a soft finish with it, Gasen-shi is also used in ink painting. In order to enjoy the characteristics of gasen-shi without worrying about the bleed-throughs, we offer our own Gasen-shi (Soft Watercolor Paper), which is fully bleed-proof. Because of it it is possible to draw on both sides of it. The range of expression expands when it is used in combination with Copic's Super Brush.

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