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Copic Wide

Copic Wide

Our specialist graphic marker

Developed specifically for design renderings and drawing backgrounds. Features a unique super wide 21mm nib which enables you to cover large areas within seconds while the sharp edges can be used to draw precise thin lines, calligraphy and other textural effects. We only offer empty Copic Wide markers, you can easily fill them with a Copic Ink of your choice.

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Product Specifications

Product Name
Copic Wide Original (empty marker)
Ink amount / refill
Around 6ml, each Copic Ink refills Copic Classic up to 3 times.
Main Unit Specifications
Size: 12×30×150 mm
Weight: 22g

How to Use


Remove the cap and place the nozzle of the Copic Ink directly on the semicircular hole at the base of the nib, allowing it to gradually absorb the ink.

*The recommended amount of ink is about 6 ml for an empty Wide marker.


When the ink has soaked through to the tip of the nib, the filling of Copic Wide is complete.

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