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Copic Opaque White

Copic Opaque White

Highlights and effects

A thick white paint with high opacity for sharp creative expression, ideal for modifying artworks, adding highlights and finishing touches. Opaque white works great on permanent inks and water color. The paint does not bleed into the base of colors, Copic markers cannot be used on top since it contains pigment based ink. Best applied with a brush, the viscosity can easily be modified with distilled water for added effects.

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Product Specifications

Product Name
Copic Opaque White (10ml)
Main Unit Specifications
Size / 36×36×31 mm
Weight / 53g

Apply paint on a brush or dip a pen.
The viscosity can be modified by applying some on a plate and adjust with distilled water.

Product Name
Copic Opaque White (6ml, with a brush)
Main Unit Specifications
Size / 30×30×95 mm
Weight / 49g

Opaque white paint with a fine brush attached to the cap.
A practical format when on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How can I dilute Opaque White?


    To dilute Opaque White please add some distilled water without impurities and stir well. If you only want to dilute occasionally, you can add some Opaque White on a plate and dilute it with tap water.

  • Q.My Opaque White has dried out, what can I do?

    The ink of Opaque White may harden after being left open for a long period of time. It happens because while the container is open, the water particles inside the ink start to evaporate. If the ink is just a little bit stickier than before, you would still be able to use it after adding a little bit of distilled water and mixing it well. If it is completely solidified, you would have to replace it.
  • Q.The brush tip of my Opaque White is bent – what can I do?


    You can straighten the tip by washing it in lukewarm water (around 50 degrees Celcius/122 degrees Fahrenheit). After you do so, please wipe off the water. Since Opaque White has high viscosity, and the tips of the hair may bend if not used for a while. In order to prevent that please wash the tip regularly.

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