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Copic sponsored an animation workshop at the Sottodiciotto Film Festival in Turin, Italy

Event Report2024.4.19

The Sottodiciotto Film Festival took place in Turin, Italy in December 2023.
This festival has been running for the last 25 years and focuses on showing quality films to children and teenagers, intending to stimulate their creativity.
It is now recognized as an important platform for discovering and supporting talented artists of the future.

As part of the festival program, a Copic animation workshop was organized. Twelve promising students from animation courses in different countries participated in this five-day workshop.
The workshop brought together current and former students from three renowned art/film schools in the EU: CSC - Centro Sperimentale Di Cinematografia in Italy, MOME in Hungary, and Gobelins in France.

The instructor was internationally acclaimed Japanese animator and long-time Copic user Manya Yonesho. This workshop was part of her "Daumenreise" art project, now in its 46th edition.

Maya Yonesho

Maya Yonesho was born in Japan and now resides in Stuttgart, Germany.
Her abstract animated works explore wordless intercultural and interpersonal understanding using landscape, sound, and voice. Since 2006 she has traveled to 22 countries on 3 continents, conducting animation workshops and making personal films to create her “Daumenreise” series. 
These works set individual expressive, hand-held, animations in real places enabling viewers to see personal visions in collective spaces. In addition to this ongoing work, Maya does freelance animation and lectures internationally. She believes that animation has the power to celebrate culture and community and create bridges worldwide.


During the workshop, Copic supported the initiative by providing Copic Sketch 24 color sets that were specially designed for the workshop. (*These color sets are not available for sale.)

In the workshop, each participant drew their part with Copic markers and then collaborated to merge the drawings into a single animated video.

In each part of the video, the participants drew pictures with their style, but the entire video is integrated into a common theme (the city of Turin).

On the first day of the workshop, each participant decided what they wanted to represent about the city of Turin and created a rough draft. Then, their drawings were arranged in a circle, and the participants discussed the order.

To create a seamless video, each participant added a drawing that was connected to the artwork created by the previous person. This collaborative process was like creating a flipbook, with each participant contributing at least 20 drawings in total, drawing frame by frame.

Participants then headed outside to film videos of their drawings, using various cityscapes as backdrops. These individual videos were eventually combined into a single animation.

Using the Copic Sketch set with the same color palette ensured consistency in the final video, resulting in a stunning portrayal of Turin.

The full version of the video is available at:

"Daumenreise 46: TOmini" 
Workshop film at Sottodiciotto Film Festival, Italy in 11-16 December 2023

The workshop was an excellent demonstration of the power of creativity and cooperation, which embodies the spirit of international interaction. Students from diverse cultures and backgrounds worked together to create a video that showcases the potential of such collaborations. We hope that the Sottodiciotto Film Festival will continue to support young talent through innovative initiatives.

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