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Copic Multiliner Pens FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How long does a Copic Multiliner last?

    With one Copic Multiliner you can draw a line with the following approximate length*: 0.03 / 0.05 / 0.1: 1,200m 0.3: 1,000m 0.5: 700m 0.8/1.0: 500m * The above data will vary depending on various factors such as the pressure and speed applied in use, absorption properties of the paper, temperature, and humidity, so please consider it as a rough guide only.
  • Q.Why does the ink of my black Multiliner seem a bit light?

    The ink in our Black Multiliner is made of carbon black pigment ink, which is similar to the ink used by other brands in this category. Since our standard value is also obtained by measurement with a densitometer, the ink itself is not particularly light. If you use Multiliners with a very thin nib, such as 0.03 and 0.05, the ink may appear light due to the thinness of the lines.
  • Q.Why is there no 0.03 Multiliner in the Wine, Cobalt and Olive shades?


    Due to the high concentration of pigment in these particular ink shades, the pen core is likely to clog in very fine pens such as 0.03 hence why we don't carry this size in these colors.

  • Q.Do you use the same ink for Multiliners and Multiliners SP?


    Yes, the same water-based pigment ink is used across all types of Copic Multiliners, it is water-resistant when dry.

  • Q.My Multliner smells odd, why is this and what should I do?

    It seems that a strange odor sometimes occurs when yeast adheres to the lubricating oil, which is applied to the cap to make opening and closing Multiliners smoother. We are very sorry for this inconvenience. You can remove the odor by wiping the part of the liner which touches the inside of the cap with a tissue soaked in alcohol. Products shipped after 2017 have been improved, so the issue is now under control, but if it happens with a newly purchased product, we will replace it.

Usage Precautions/Solutions

  • Q.How do I dispose of Copic products?


    Copic markers: Please remember the markers are made to last and by refilling with Copic Ink and replacing worn nibs you can keep them for many years. If you want to dispose a worn or damaged marker then make sure to treat it as non-burnable waste. Copic Ink refills (Various Ink): firstly clean out any remaining ink by wiping it on a paper towel in a well-ventilated room and out of reach of fire. You can then dispose of the cap and vessel as recyclable materials (please double check guidelines in your market) Copic Airbrush Set (ABS): Make sure you have used up its contents and then dispose of it in the same way you would treat a general spray can according to the disposal guidance of your local government.