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A sustainable marker innovation engineered to last

Right from the first Copic prototype in the mid 1980’s Copic was developed as a refillable long-lasting graphic tool for creative professionals. As a stark contrast to disposable markers our business has always been committed to create premium quality graphic markers with each component carefully engineered and manufactured in Japan following the strictest quality protocol.

The very first range of 71 Copic colors was released in 1987 along with matching refills named Various Inks, likely the first of its kind at the time. In addition, replaceable nibs were  introduced and in 2004 the brand introduced a successful range of high-quality fine liners named Multiliner SP featuring  exchangeable cartridges and nibs.

With its top-quality standards Copic quickly went on to become a household name in the creative industry and today our iconic markers are treasured by creative professionals and artists all over the world. With some simple maintenance and care many of our users have been using the same markers for decades.

A green long-term partnership with our users

The ability to refill all our marker ranges combined with the commitment of our users has saved significant amounts of plastic  as well as energy savings in manufacturing and shipping over the last decades.

Together we can do even better and refill more markers, so to encourage this shift we made significant improvements to our inks by launching new Copic Ink  in 2020 in a highly efficient and user-friendly design, these are available in all 358 Copic colors. Each Copic Ink refills a marker 5-9 times (depending on type) meaning the equivalent number of markers avoid being disposed which is both a saving for the planet and more economical for the user. We are very pleased to see the accelerated growth of refills overtime and we want to thank our community for making this effort.

We are continuously striving to cultivate a better world with respect to the environment and our development team remains highly committed to continue innovating and further minimize our environmental footprint across our business.  We welcome our community to keep refilling but also to share any ideas you may have for us to further improve in this area.