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Other Products FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Can I use the fine nib in Copic Ciao markers?


    The fine nibs available for replacement are exclusive for Copic Classic. The size of the nib orifice in Ciao is slightly different from the one in Classic, and therefore you would not be able to use it with Copic Ciao markers.

  • Q.How can I best refill my Colorless Blender marker (0) with the 200mI Colorless Blender?

    When refilling with the 200ml size we recommend first pouring some of the liquid in an empty Copic Ink or Various Ink container for refilling.
  • Q.How can I dilute Opaque White?


    To dilute Opaque White please add some distilled water without impurities and stir well. If you only want to dilute occasionally, you can add some Opaque White on a plate and dilute it with tap water.

  • Q.My Opaque White has dried out, what can I do?

    The ink of Opaque White may harden after being left open for a long period of time. It happens because while the container is open, the water particles inside the ink start to evaporate. If the ink is just a little bit stickier than before, you would still be able to use it after adding a little bit of distilled water and mixing it well. If it is completely solidified, you would have to replace it.
  • Q.The brush tip of my Opaque White is bent – what can I do?


    You can straighten the tip by washing it in lukewarm water (around 50 degrees Celcius/122 degrees Fahrenheit). After you do so, please wipe off the water. Since Opaque White has high viscosity, and the tips of the hair may bend if not used for a while. In order to prevent that please wash the tip regularly.

  • Q.Is it possible to buy the plastic storage case that come with some Copic sets?

    In response to many requests we now offer empty plastic cases for storage in our range. There are 2 types of cases are available for purchase, one for storing Copic Ciao markers and one where you can mix and match Copic Classic, Sketch and Copic Ink. Click here to learn more.
  • Q.Do you offer any storage cases for Copic markers?

    Yes, we carry a few options depending on your individual preferences and the number of markers you have. We currently sell two types of portable wallets called Copic Wallet and Copic Carrying Pouch and two types of stands: a Wire Stand and a Block Stand. In addition, we also carry empty clear plastic cases. Click here to learn more.
  • Q.Would the lines of a drawing made with the Copic Drawing Pen (from the F Series) blur if I applied Copic marker over them?

    No, the lines would not blur. However, the ink in this pen, unlike Multiliner inks, is not completely water-resistant, so there is a slight chance this may occur. Please note that this Drawing Pen is not suitable for use with watercolors or watercolor inks.
  • Q.Can the brush tip of a Drawing Pen from the F Series wear out?


    Yes, it does wear overtime. If you start feeling that the lines have become thicker, please replace with a new pen.

  • Q.What are the changes in the specifications of Copic Ciao?


    We are shipping the new version with the following changes sequentially from 2023.

    1. Labeling:
    ・The printing direction has been reversed from the current version. The starting point of the labeling will be changed to the Super Brush nib, so the Copic Ciao logo will not be upside down when Ciao markers are stored in their plastic case.
    ・The layout and size of the labeling have been changed.

    2.Barrel and cap color changes:
    ・Cap: Changed to match the actual ink color as closely as possible.
    ・Barrel: Changed to a brighter color, closer to Copic Sketch.

    3.Structural Improvements:
    ・The design of the barrel body and the inside of the cap has been improved to reduce direct contact with the nib when the cap is opened/closed.
    ・The design of the top of the cap has been improved to ensure safety in the event of accidental ingestion.

    During the transition period to the new version, the following three types of Ciao markers with different specifications may exist on the market for the time being:

    A. Current barrel (with current labeling)
    B. Current barrel (with new labeling): Only "1. Labeling" from the above changes is reflected.
    C. New barrel (with new labeling): All of the above changes, "1. Labeling", "2. Barrel and cap color changes" and "3. Structural Improvements" are reflected.

    ▶︎ See the Details

  • Q.How to use the Colorless Blender 200ml bottle?


    ・Do not remove the inner cap of the bottle.
    ・Use a pointed tool such as a thumbtack to make a hole in the inner cap, then attach the outer cap.


  • Q.Why do the colors on the paper change depending on the paper I use?


    Since our ink is dye based it behaves differently from pigment ink when applied on paper, pigments stay on the surface while dyes soak into it. This is why the colors achieved with dye inks appear slightly different, even if you use the same color it may look more vivid or dull depending on the paper used. We recommend trying out some of our paper types to evaluate which one is most suitable for your practice.

  • Q.What type of paper do you recommend for Copic markers?


    Various types of paper can be used such as regular copy paper, manga manuscript paper, construction paper, drawing paper or watercolor paper. The finish and comfort of drawing may differ depending on which one you use though so we recommend you first try out a few varieties. If you are new to illustration, we recommend the Premium Bond Paper and Custom Paper from Copic Paper Selections, they both prevent ink from spreading too much.

  • Q.What is Gasen-shi?

    Gasen-shi is a general term for paper used in calligraphy. It is very easy to achieve a soft finish with this surface since the ink easily soaks into it which also makes the paper suitable for ink painting. To best enjoy the characteristics of Gasen-shi without worrying about the bleed-throughs, we offer our own Gasen-shi (Soft Watercolor Paper), which is fully bleed-proof allowing you to draw on both sides of the paper. The range of expression expands when it is used in combination with the Super Brush featured in Copic Sketch and Ciao. (Also available as a custom nib for Copic Classic).
  • Q.What is the Copic Paper Selection?

    Copic Paper Selection is a series of various paper qualities, created so that our users can experience different finishes. Please try out various types to find the one most suitable to your needs. Premium Bond Paper: slightly off-white in tone, bleed-proof and therefore recommended for beginners. Custom Paper: very white, provides vibrant expression of color and does not bleed. PM Paper: developed for design drawings, bleed-proof, recommended to use with colored pencils and pastels. Thick Marker Paper: provides vibrant expression of color, easy to create gradations. Gasen-shi: bleed-proof, texture similar to Japanese washi paper, suitable for watercolor-style artworks. Apart from A4 packs, we also carry papers in smaller sizes and sketchbooks. Click here to learn more about the Copic Paper Selection.

Copic Airbrushing System (ABS)

  • Q.What coupler is used with the air hose on the Air Adapter?


    A concave S coupler (G1/8, PF1/8) can be attached to the air adapter included in the ABS compressor set and the ABS-3 set. We have discontinued the sales of these products. They are available until the stocks last.

  • Q.What does the number 0.3 in the description of the ABS refer to?


    0.3 refers to 0.3MPa, which describes pressure ranges. The proper pressure is 0.1MPa-0.05MPa - when choosing a compressor, please choose the one with the biggest value.

  • Q.How can I minimize mess when using the ABS?


    Firstly, when using ABS, do not spray it vertically on the paper, but tilt it slightly and then start spraying the paper. Some colors have coarse particles, so be sure to spray test before applying it to your artwork. Also, please check the following before using the product: (1) The remaining amount of ink in the installed Copic marker. ・ If you find the color of ink is lighter than that on the cap, please refill the marker with Copic Ink. (2) The condition of the broad (angled) nib. ・ Check how to attach the marker and if the nib angle is correct. ・ Check if the nib in the marker is suitable for ABS (it should be the broad nib from Copic Classic or Sketch). ・ If the nib is dry and the ink has hardened, or if the nib has deformed, replace the nib. (3) Check if there is still air in the can. ・ If there is no air, replace the can. Also, it is possible that the air can has cooled down due to continuous use and therefore pressure could have dropped. Replace the air can or wait for a while so that the pressure will be restored.

  • Q.Why does the finish differ depending on the color I use?


    Copic Ink contains various dye colorants, and their size differs depending on the specific color. As a result there may be variations in the finish for each color applied. Please do a test before spraying the ink on your artwork.

  • Q.How do I best protect the areas I don’t want to airbrush?


    We recommend using masking materials made specially for airbrushing, such as masking films, which are adhesive and transparent. Cut and apply the film on the areas of your artwork you want to protect prior to airbrushing. (Copic does currently not carry such materials so please purchase them at your art supply store.)

  • Q.How long does one air can last?


    If you use a D60N can, you will finish it after around: -60 to 90 seconds if you push once and spray continously -7 to 8 minutes if you take breaks in between

Usage Precautions/Solutions

  • Q.How do I dispose of Copic products?


    Copic markers: Please remember the markers are made to last and by refilling with Copic Ink and replacing worn nibs you can keep them for many years. If you want to dispose a worn or damaged marker then make sure to treat it as non-burnable waste. Copic Ink refills (Various Ink): firstly clean out any remaining ink by wiping it on a paper towel in a well-ventilated room and out of reach of fire. You can then dispose of the cap and vessel as recyclable materials (please double check guidelines in your market) Copic Airbrush Set (ABS): Make sure you have used up its contents and then dispose of it in the same way you would treat a general spray can according to the disposal guidance of your local government.

Discontinued Products

  • Q.What is Copic Comic Marker?


    The Copic Comic Marker range was developed specifically for Comic illustration, it was released in the 90's and had 2 nibs - a Super Brush nib and a medium round nib. The colors in the series were different from the ones used in Classic and Sketch and it had unique serial numbers. When launching Copic Ciao we decided to discontinue Copic Comic (in 2015) since they filled very similar roles in the portfolio.

  • Q.Which Copic colors are the closest match to the color range of Copic Comic Markers?


    Below you can find "Comic Marker Approximate Colors Table" with Copic Sketch shades closest to the Copic Comic colors. How to read the table: PDF file will open in a new window * For Copic number replacement, the color number that actually applies to the color circle is listed. Please note that some colors are already in the Sketch series, but their ink formulas are different. Applicable colors: CM02 / CM11 / CM14 / CM15 / CM26 / CM47 / CM50 / CM52 / CM54 / CM55 / CM63 * 1) The approximate colors can be replaced by the previous and next color. ○ means that the color is very similar to that of Copic Comic's and △ means that it is somewhat similar. * 2) The same color can be refilled with Copic Ink.