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Copic Ink FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What is the difference between Various Ink and Copic Ink?

    Copic Ink is a renewed more user-friendly and compact version of Various Ink. More specifically the design has been improved with a longer nozzle which allows for smoother, cleaner and faster refills. The nozzle is also handy for application of alcohol ink art. The container is now transparent which makes it easier to measure and keep track of the quantity left in the bottle. The air tightness of the cap has been improved and the reference shade on the cap is a closer match to the color when applied on paper. The resized more compact pack makes it easier to carry and fits in most Copic storage solutions such as the wallets and plastic cases. The colors, names/codes and quality of the inks remain the same. Click here to learn more.
  • Q.Is it possible to refill Copic markers just by dripping the ink onto the nib?

    Yes, it is possible to refill Copic markers by dripping ink directly on the nib, (this was the method for Various Inks). The new Copic Ink however features a longer nozzle which allows refilling directly into the barrel which is easier and quicker. (In the past we used to have a product called a 'replenishing booster', this is now discontinued since the new Copic Ink provides the same function)
  • Q.How should I store Copic Ink?


    Due to the structure of the container, it is suitable for vertical storage after opening. To prevent the ink from fading, store it in a place where it is not exposed to a strong light or UV rays. The container of Copic Ink is transparent, but the light resistance is the same as Various Ink. Since our ink is alcohol-based, be careful not to place it in hot places or near fire. Also, please keep it out of the reach of young children.

  • Q.Why are the cap colors of Copic Ink and Various Ink different?


    We have slightly changed the colors of the caps so that they are a closer match to the inks when applied on paper. Due to this change, the Copic Ink cap colors also differ from the Copic marker caps.

  • Q.How to use the Colorless Blender 200ml bottle?


    ・Do not remove the inner cap of the bottle.
    ・Use a pointed tool such as a thumbtack to make a hole in the inner cap, then attach the outer cap.

Copic Colors

  • Q.What is a difference between 100 (Black) and 110 (Special Black)?


    100 (Black) is a dark black with a slightly bluish tint that goes well with cool grays whereas 110 (Special Black) is a clean black that works well with neutral tones. It is also worth noting that the amount of dye in 100 (Black) is slightly higher. The difference is small however so please use these shades according to your preference.

  • Q.What is the difference between the 4 types of gray (C, W, N and T)?


    Because of their diverse applications in design, we offer 4 types of gray color families. C stands for 'Cool Gray' and contains slightly bluish and cold tints whereas W stands for 'Warm Gray' and contains rather reddish and warm tints. N means 'Neutral', grays in this range could be considered your standard grays. Then we carry T which stands for 'Toner Gray', this color family contains grays similar to the toners in copy machines. The name is derived from the initial purpose of Copic markers which was to put colors on copies made with copy machines. The differences between each shade of gray becomes clearer after you put the shades next to each other. Please use them according to your preference and style.

  • Q.How do I read the codes on the caps?

    Copic has its own color system based on which we assign the names of the markers. The letters represent a rough hue (dominant color family, e.g. R stands for 'red', B for 'blue' and 'E' for earth colors). The first digit expresses the saturation of the color - the closer the digit is to 0, the more transparent it is. On the other hand, digits closer to 9 mean that the color is rather dull or muddy. The final digits represent brightness with 0000 being the brightest and 9 being the darkest.

Usage Precautions/Solutions

  • Q.How do I dispose of Copic products?


    Copic markers: Please remember the markers are made to last and by refilling with Copic Ink and replacing worn nibs you can keep them for many years. If you want to dispose a worn or damaged marker then make sure to treat it as non-burnable waste. Copic Ink refills (Various Ink): firstly clean out any remaining ink by wiping it on a paper towel in a well-ventilated room and out of reach of fire. You can then dispose of the cap and vessel as recyclable materials (please double check guidelines in your market) Copic Airbrush Set (ABS): Make sure you have used up its contents and then dispose of it in the same way you would treat a general spray can according to the disposal guidance of your local government.

  • Q.Why is there a small lump inside my Copic Ink bottle?

    This happens especially with colors whose ink has a high dye concentration. The dye may harden due to temperature drop. If you find a lump, warm up the bottle with lukewarm water (about 50 degree Celcius or 122 degree Fahrenheit) to dissolve it. Please be careful not to bring it close to fire.
  • Q.How do I remove Ink stains on my skin?


    Since Copic ink is a dye ink, it can temporarily stain the skin which is difficult to remove. Even if you wash it with soap, it will not come off immediately, so be careful not to rub your skin or else you could damage it. If you wash it several times, the stain will eventually thin out and will be completely removed in a few days. Some emulsions and makeup removers which contain oils, can be used to remove the ink fast, wiped clean, so please try them if you can. It is also effective to use a tissue soaked in Copic's Colorless Blender or ethanol. However, it may cause rough skin, so be careful, especially if you have sensitive skin or if you want to use this method on the skin of a young child.

About Alcohol Ink

  • Q.Why does the ink smell?

    Although Copic markers are relatively low odor compared to most alcohol based markers there is a level of inevitable alcohol-specific odor, so please use the markers in a well-ventilated room. If you start feeling sick, please refrain from use. The ink components are similar to those in ethanol used for disinfection and do not accumulate in the human body.
  • Q.Is there actual cadmium in the markers with “cadmium” in their names?


    No, cadmium components are not used in our dye inks. Y15, which is called "Cadmium Yellow", has a color similar to a commonly used yellow cadmium pigment, and so we decied to use it as a name for our marker/ink.

  • Q.How do I refill Copic markers?

    Firstly, make sure to match the exact same color of Copic Ink with the marker you plan to refill. Then remove the broad (angled) nib of the marker using tweezers. Insert the ink nozzle straight into the core of the marker and add an appropriate amount of ink. The amount of ink depends on how much ink is left in the marker, but we recommend that you add around 1ml (one mark of the bottle) each time. Click here to learn more.

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