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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What is Copic?

    The Copic brand was founded by the Too Group in Tokyo, Japan in 1987 and it all started with the launch of our professional quality alcohol-based graphic markers that can now be found in over 70 countries. Today Copic consists of 3 marker ranges and 358 colors and the brand is greatly appreciated for the high quality standards and long-lasting properties, all markers are refillable and worn nibs can be replaced. In addition, Copic carries other products and accessories such as a multiliners, premium paper, sketch-books and the Copic Airbrush System.
  • Q.What is the difference between Copic Ciao, Sketch and Classic?


    There are 3 types of Copic markers*: Ciao, Sketch and Classic. All our markers are made in Japan and evaluated against the highest quality standards, they are all refillable with Copic Ink and feature replaceable premium quality nibs. What differs is the overall design, colors available, the type of nib used and the amount of ink in the markers. Copic Sketch and Classic are compatible with the Copic Air Brush System. Feel free to choose the type most suitable to your creative needs. Copic Sketch: our global bestseller with an oval ergonomic design and color coded caps, comes with the flexible super brush nib and a medium broad nib. Available in 358 colors and is the preferred choice among many creative professionals in design, illustration and Manga. Copic Ciao: an introductory marker with a more accessible price point. It has a simpler design and a lower quantity of ink. Features the same nibs as Sketch and is available in 180 colors. Copic Classic: the original model created in 1987 with an iconic square design and color coded caps, features a broad nib and a fine nib. Available in 214 colors and used mainly in architecture, design and graphic illustrations. *Copic Wide is only available as an empty marker which you can fill with your choice of Copic Ink.

  • Q.Can I bring Copic markers on a plane?

    Yes, you can bring Copic markers on a plane either in your hand luggage or in a checked in suitcase. However, Copic Ink and Various Ink* are classified as dangerous items under the Fire Service Act and therefore cannot be brought on a plane. When it come to the Airbrush Set air cans, they cannot be carried as hand luggage, but up to 2 kg per person (about 30 cans for D60N) can be checked in. Please contact the airline or shipping company you are planning to use for more details regarding this matter. *Various Ink is now discontinued and only available while stocks last.
  • Q.Can I send Copic markers?


    Postal services differ depending on the company and therefore we advise you to consult this matter directly with the shipping company you plan to use. Also, please note that we do not issue Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to individual customers or corporations with which we make no dealings.

Basic Features and Storage

  • Q.How do I best store my Copic markers?


    Please store your Copic markers in a cool place which is not exposed to direct sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight or strong UV rays may cause the body of the marker to crack and the color of the ink to fade. To prevent the ink from accumulating on one side, we recommend storing Copic markers and Multiliners horizontally (however, even if the ink accumulates on one side, you would be able to use the marker/Multiliner again after putting it on the other side and waiting for a while). Also, since our ink is flammable, please store Copic Ink (Various Ink) in a place out of reach of fire.

About the Purchase

  • Q.Where can I buy Copic markers?


    Copic markers are available in leading art supply stores and stationery shops around the world. For dealers in the US and China, please contact our branch offices listed here ( For dealers in other countries, please email us at

  • Q.Can I purchase Copic markers outside of Japan?


    Copic markers are now available in over 70 countries, below you can find a list of our main distributors, please contact the one in your market directly for store locations.

  • Q.Which colors should I start with?


    We recommend starting with some lighter shades since Copic colors are versatile, by applying the color in layers, the ink will intensify and become darker. We suggest that you choose around 10 colors based on what you plan to draw. If you can’t purchase individual Copic markers in your market then please refer to the page on this website where we introduce our readily curated sets in many formats.