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Colorless Blender (200ml refill)

カラーレスブレンダー 200ml

A multi-use accessory

Our large size Colorless Blender is a useful tool for many purposes, ideal for cleaning your markers, creation of custom colors and to refill your colorless blender marker (0). It is also suitable for alcohol ink art.

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Product Specifications

Product Name
Colorless Blender (200ml refill)
Alcohol dye ink

Large sized Colorless Blender (color family: “0”). When refiling your Colorless Blender marker it is recommended that you first pour some into a bottle of Copic Ink, and then refill the marker.

How to use the Colorless Blender 200ml Bottle
・Do not remove the inner cap of the bottle.
・Use a pointed tool such as a thumbtack to make a hole in the inner cap, then attach the outer cap.
・Be careful not to injure yourself when making the hole.

Frequently Asked Questions

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