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How to Use:The Basics

What is Copic?

COPIC is a name of alcohol-based markers as well as a brand name of related products (such as pens, papers and plastic-made color samples) sold by Too group.The versatile COPIC products are loved by professionals in broad range of industry including the fields of fine art, graphic design, illustration, animation, manga, film, fashion design, product design, automotive design, architecture, landscape architecture and craft. A fast-drying, transparent alcohol ink does not harm paper fiber and the surface remains smooth. The alcohol ink used in COPIC markers is low-odor, and nontoxic. COPIC is registered trademark of Too Corporation. Copyright c 2017 Too Corporation All rights reserved.

Features of COPIC

Advantages of Copic

  • No preparation needed. Just take the cap off and you're ready to go.
  • Wide color variations (358 Colors Available). User-intuitive color System.
  • A fast-drying alcohol ink does not harm paper and the surface remains smooth.
  • Features high quality and handy Super Brush nib.

Copic Marker is classified in three types.


Copic is long-life, economical marker. All types of Copic are refillable, have replaceable nibs.

How to refill the marker

Copic Ink are refillable for all types of Copic marker.All 358 marker colors have a matching bottle of ink. Each bottle will fi ll an empty Sketch marker 7 times, 9 times for Ciao and 5 times for Classic.

1.Uncap both ends of the marker.

2.Using the tweezer tool, pull the broad nib from the base.

3.Insert Copic Ink nozzle into the core of the marker and refill the ink by squeezing the bottle gently.

4.Once completed, insert back the nib in place.

How to change a nib

Grab the nib with a pair of tweezers, drag it out down ward from the marker. Make sure ink doesn't splash.
Slowly insert a new nib into the marker.Wait until the nib fully soaks the ink.

Drawing Lines

With a variety of strokes one marker can offer a wide range of expression.

Medium Broad nib

Large area: Slant a marker & use the flat part,Fine lines: Use the edge,Dots: Use the edge

Super Brush nib

Hold the pen upright, draw a thin line with a tip of Super Brush nib.Letting the nib flex on its side,draw a thick line. This method is recommended when coloring a large area.


Copic can be made darker as it is painted over, so it is easy to express shading.

Color on Colors

Copic inks can be layered or blended even the color is different. Even if you just changing the order of applying the color, you'll get a different result. Try many variations and create your own color.

Creating Gradations

Make a first layer with vertical strokes. Before RV00 dries, make a second layer, starting from the opposite side.Make sure the RV00 overlaps the edge of the BV00. Before the two layers dry,blend the border with the first-layer color.

How to Color Evenly

The color comes out uneven if you apply the color in a zig-zag move from side to side. Start at one side, color in small circles using the side of Super Brush and evenly saturate the ink. Keep the Super Brush nib without separating from the paper,and start coloring in small circles to gradually bigger circles.

Colorless Blender

No. 0 (so-called Colorless Blender) is a clear, alcohol-based solvent which can be used for a variety of purposes such as fading/blending colors, pre-soaking paper, or adding highlights into areas that are already colored. Also No. 0 is great for fixing the coloring mistakes and it pushes the quality of your artwork.

Applying No. 0 in advance

If you want the whole area to be lighter, then try pre-soaking your paper with No. 0. First, apply No. 0 onto the area you want to fade. While No. 0 is still wet, apply the color you want to fade over the top. No. 0 will be spread in entire area and the color will be faded.

Applying No. 0 later

First, apply the color you want to fade.While the ink is still wet, apply No. 0 over the top. No. 0 will be spread in entire area and the edge part will be faded.

Adding highlights

First, apply the color you want to fade.While the ink is still wet, apply No. 0 over the top. No. 0 will be spread in entire area and the edge part will be faded.

Check the video and try.