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Artwork by Babiry san

Highly recommended for beginners of comic illustrations!
This well-balanced 24 Color Set contains the basic colors and colors useful for blending.
Copic Sketch 24  Set for Manga Illustrations: Color Chart

Copic Sketch 24pc Set for Manga Illustrations

Copic Sketch 24 Color Set for Manga Illustrations contains:
■ 24 colors of Copic Sketch marker:
BV0000 / BV000 / BV13 / BV20 / RV52 / R0000 / R000
R17 / R43 / YR01 / YR15 / Y000 /Y04 / Y18 / G03
BG000 / BG53 / B04 / B41 / B63 / E84 / N-2 / N-4 / N-6
■ Technique Guide
■ Original line Art for Coloring (1 sheet, printed on both sides)

Recommended for beginners who would like to purchase Copic Sketch for the first time. If you feel overwhelmed by a huge number of colors and can't figure out which colors are really necessary, this set is for you. Also the line art by Ms. Babiry is contained so that you can start the coloring experience immediately.

If you get a little creative, you can sufficiently color your artwork with 24 colors only - this is the basic concept of this set. This set includes a variety of pale colors which is an unique aspect of Copic marker. Using the techniques like gradation and blending with these colors will extend the range of expression.

■ Example of illustration colored with this set

Click to enlarge

■ Color combination samples


R17  N-4   N-6 


Y18 R43 R17


Y000 Y18 YR15


R000 RV52 R43


R000 RV52 B41


R0000 R000 RV52


YR01 E84 G03


Y000 BG53 G03


Y000 BV0000 B41


YR01 YR15 E84


Y000 YR01 E84


Y000 R000 YR01


BV000 B63 N-4


BV0000 BV000 B63


BV0000 BV20 N-2


B04 B63 BV13


BG000 BG53 B04


Y000 BG000 BG53


Ms. Babiry is a Japanese manga illustrator born in Aomori, Japan.
She is a illustrator who defies the boundary of analog/digital. This multi-talented artist is involved in a wide range of activities - she is a manga artist, an instructor at several professional schools, and she regularly appears in several magazines about illustration.

On Copic:
As a matter of fact, the color of Copic is not only 358 colors. The color can be increased depending on the usage, situation or combination... It means you can create almost unlimited number of colors! Although this set includes only 24 colors, still there's much you can do. These logically selected 24 colors are ideal for manga illustration. Also the balance of intensity in each color group is reasonable so it's really easy to make color gradation. This set has all the basic elements of Copic, and even the experts of Copic will make a new discovery.

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