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Li Cheng Quei

Ms.Li is a Taiwanese illustrator and art college professor. With over 20 years of experience in the art sector, she is known for her photorealistic drawings.

Today we had the chance to hear about her Copic experience.

"I use Copic to create photorealistic artworks"

When did you start using Copic?
I entered an art contest during high school. There weren't any set rules about the art supplies to use in the competition, so I choose Copic instead of watercolors to make something different. It was surprising to see the abyssal difference between the watercolors and the Copic markers shades, the brush touch, and the gradation finish.

Why are you still using Copic to this day?
First, I continue to use Copic because it has a well-done color system. I also love the color transparency and how they are so easy to blend and mix. The ink also dries quickly.

Your drawings look so realistic; do you use any references for your artworks?
I use a lot of references such as photos or I analyze the actual subjects.
I study the original subject closely when trying to create more accurate artwork.

"I bring out different textures with the Broad Nib"

Do you have any special techniques for using Copic?
I differentiate my usage between the broad and the brush nib since I'm very good with both of them. I love the broad nib in particular because it's possible to bring out a great variety of textures depending on the use. I always stress this topic to my student and in my workshops. Besides Copic, I use cotton swabs, cloth, and the colorless blender to make the textures reach the next level.

What kind of paper do you adopt for your artworks?
There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right paper. I use copy and rough watercolor paper for Copic illustrations. The color won't slip thanks to the heavy textured paper, and its' also the perfect fit for charcoal and colored pencils.

What is your favorite part of the drawing process? Anything you take care of in particular?
I take great care in every process of the drawing from the rough sketch until the artwork is completed. Even when teaching, I always think about how I can  improve my techniques for future works. 

How long does it take for you to complete an artwork?
I don't have a set time for my artworks. I continue to work on the drawing until I am satisfied with the result.

"The reason for choosing Copic"

What do you like about Copic?
I love various things about Copic, such as: 
・easy to blend
・the color doesn't change much before and after drying
・easy to use and replaceable nibs
・refillable markers, ecological products, etc.

Thank you so much for your time today. Do you have any final comments?
Congratulations on the Copic 30th anniversary*. I'm looking forward to working more with your products.

*This interview was done in 2017.

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