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マヨナカドローイング:Miyabi Shindou

Miyabi Shindou

Osaka-born Ms. Shindou is a creator of popular comic series "Ame To Hare No Kaze No Tabi", which is published in the Monthly Comic Ryu. She is also involved in a wide range of activities such as illustrations for books and magazines or character designs.
Ms. Shindou has published an instructional book on "how to use Copic", join with three other manga illustrators, she explains the effective methods improve the artwork.

Ms. Shindou is an active illustrator/manga artist. Her soft, nostalgic touch captivates many fans. We interviewed her about engagement with Copic.

I like the beautiful, vivid colors and distinctive textures of Copic

First Color

— When did you first start using Copic markers? What inspired you to take up Copic?

When I was in fifth or sixth grade, I got my first Copic because an artist I admire the most at that time was using it.

— What was the color you choose? Was there a specific reason?

I think I bought 0, R11, R59, Y15, G85, B45 and E00 - Or maybe it was E21. I chose these colors just by appearances.

— What do you love the most about Copic?

I like the beautiful, vivid colors and distinctive textures that Copic provides. Also the large selection of colors contains a lot of muted shades as well. I think that's really nice.

— What have been your favorite color?

For skin tones, I prefer E0000-02. For the color of hair, I would use E11 or V01.

— Is there any techniques or methods contrived by yourself?

Not really. I'm just trying to create the layer of colors and enjoy the process.

Coloring the sky and skin tone require a lot of concentration

Sky and Skin

— In the process of creating your project, is there any specific parts you particularly enjoy to color? Or which parts require extra attention?

Coloring the sky requires a lot of attention. I must color the relatively large area at a stretch. If I do too much of retouch, the color may become dark, and hazy. Also I always roll up my sleeves before coloring the skin tone, because it's difficult to undo.

— Is there's something you're using as a reference for creating your project?

— How long do you normally spend to finish a piece of artwork?

If it's kind of elaborately illustrated one and the size is A4, it will take 3 or 4 days to complete from rough sketch.

— How do you choose the paper? What type of paper do you like best?

I prefer strong paper that has suitable characteristic for blending the colors.

— What do you use for inking?

I'm using the dip pen and color ink mixed with 3 different types of ink. I also use Multiliner for drawing the main line.

— Is there any other tools you are using along with Copic?

I'm using color ink, pastel and acrylic gouache paint. I have used watercolors in combination with Copic for a certain period of time in the past, but not now.

About "Mayonaka Drawing"

Pendulum and valerian Sunrise Good night, Nancy Paper plane pilotト Windy day Flower girl in sunset glow Little king Apple Princess Brown rabbits' carrot field

— Could you tell us about the illustration you drew for us this time?

These are a series of illustrations called "Mayonaka (means "midnight") Drawing". I kept drawing almost every night with a goal of finishing 50pcs.
These illustrations are colored with "Copic Ciao 24pc Color Set" and No. 0 (Colorless Blender) only. It's pretty amazing to discover how many colors this set can create.

— What do you think Copic Ciao 24pc Color Set?

It's fun to buy single colors one by one, but I think having this set will also be a good idea, because you can easily experience the basic elements of Copic with these 24 colors.
I recommend this set everybody from beginners who just want to have fun, to experts who is the master of the Copic technique.

The set used in above illustrations

Copic Ciao 24pc Color Set

A well-balanced 24 colors set for the beginner of illustrations with Copic markers.

Copic Ciao 24pc Color Set

Copic Ciao 24pc Color Set

Copic Ciao 24pc Color Set

BV00 / BV02 / RV02 / R20 / R29 / YR02 / YR07 / Y00
Y08 / YG03 / YG06 / G00 / G05 / BG09 / BG23 / B00
B24 / B29 / E00 / E21 / E29 / E37 / C-3 / 100

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