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Mayumi Sakamoto

Ms. Mayumi Sakamoto is a Fashion Designer from Kanagawa, Japan. She's known for her ability to render various clothes materials with Copic markers. Ms. Sakamoto has been a fashion design teacher since 2009.

What was the reason that made you choose this career? 
Fashion Design drawings are like a puzzle; you draw in the space between clothes and the model while thinking about the dress design. You'll be really happy when all the pieces are in place: the right balance between the length, looseness, and colors between the clothes. 
I choose to become a teacher to get the chance to interact with students to improve even further.

I heard you are working in the same school you frequented as a student. What kind of things did you learn there? Is there anything you still apply in your job to this day?
I didn't know anything about fashion when I entered college. Every day was full of discoveries. For example, first I learned how to use the needle and the material names, then fashion history, business design, and art. There were a lot of occasions where I got inspired by other students. Like I said before, you become really happy when you finally get a drawing done, but you spend most of the time wondering what you should do to get there. That's when interacting and helping each other come into play and you realize that it's impossible to do this job alone. Since that day, I have focused on "creating a good thing."

What's the difference between fashion design and fashion illustrations?
The main goal of fashion illustration is to show the dress theme and its fashion sense, while fashion design drawings show the tiniest details, the clothes materials, texture, and feel of outfits. Fashion designers draw to express what they want to create, and then they share the drawing with the patternmakers. Any fashion designer needs to build a good relationship with the patternmakers to be successful in this sector. The final product that comes out to the public is the clothes, so it's not a flashy job.

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?
When I get a request, I look at fashion trend sites and books and draw a draft with all the keywords that I picked up and interested me. I also get inspiration from traveling, movies, and my everyday life.

How did you learn to use Copic?
I studied the basics during college, and I learned advanced techniques while working. The final result greatly varies by how the paper absorbs the ink, so it's vital to image how the ink will spread on paper while controlling your strokes. It's also crucial to get the hang of other art supplies to express yourself as best as possible.

What are you trying to convey to your students when you are teaching fashion design?
I always say to my students to study clothes closely. A fashion design drawing is like a map to guide your team in making a dress. It will be hard for the team to understand your intentions if you can't render the material you want to use in your drawing accurately. For example, even if you want your team to use a soft cloth or a material that thickens during the making process, but in your design, the clothes look stiff or thin as paper, your instructions won't reach them. That's why I want my students to understand the importance of looking at the structure of clothes and the attributes of the materials.

Do you have any message for somebody aiming to become a fashion designer?
Believe in yourself and continue to take steps forward to reach your objectives. Your objectives will get defined the more you try out the things you like or want to do, and they will connect to the future.

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