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Copic Gasenfude Brush Pen has a fine synthetic brush nib (or "fude") which is able to create expressive line variations for lettering or sketching.
  Water based pigment ink will not bleed with Copic markers. Rich and solid black ink provides amazing shading effect in your sketches, mangas and caricatures.
  Gasenfude Brush Pen goes well together with Soft Watercolor Paper (Gasen-shi) from Copic Paper Selections.

Gasenfude Brush Pen

Color:Deep "sumi" black

Artwork examples

トップイメージ トップイメージ トップイメージ

Egaoh Twitter: @egaoh

Mr. Egaoh is a "super-hero" with excellent skills of caricatures who is dedicated to briging happiness to everyone.
He has been traveling up all over the place in Japan since he come down to Earth in 2009. Mr. Egaoh is also a great performer - he draws the impressive caricature portraits of the guests in various events.Together with his charm and super cool super-hero outfit, Mr. Egaoh prompt a smile from people across Japan and creates event a more memorable. He is now official supporter for Copic!


On Copic and Copic Gasenfude Brush Pen
My main activity is appearing in various events and drawing portraits of guests - A lot of guests. Sometimes I'm expected to draw the 100 of caricature portraits in a day. It's really a time-critical task and I must do everything quickly. I can't make it through without Gasenfude Brush Pen!
A soft, flexible brush nib of Gasenfude Brush Pen helps to create many different line variations. By a change in brush angle or pressure, your range of expression will be extended.
Also it's water based pigment ink will not bleed with Copic markers. Of course you can use watercolors or pastels in combination with Gasenfude Pen as well.
This pen is a must-have for people who draw illustration or manga by hand.
I'd like you to consider trying Copic Gasenfude Pen at least once.

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