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Awai is an illustrator born in Tokyo, 1981. 
She started her career in 2013 with portraits of girls, and she is involved in illustrations in various web advertising and magazines.
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Hello, thank you for your time today. Can you present yourself?
Hello, my name is Awai. I'm an illustrator who mainly draws girls, animals, and accessories.

What did you learn in your school years? Did something leave an impression on you?
I studied design in college, and that left an influence on my works. My high school homeroom teacher suggested that I study fine arts after seeing some of my scribbles.

Why did you start using Copic markers? Why do you still use them?
I don't exactly remember when I started using Copic markers. One day, a blue Copic I bought back in my high school days came out. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that I could use them after such a long time. 
The best Copic feature for me is that I can use them right away when something comes up to mind.
I also love to collect Copic markers little by little.

What are your favorite colors and the shades you use the most in your works?
My favorite color is YR09. I can't work without YR0000, YR09, YR30, R0000, R00, B14, B91, B93, B95, B97, BG72, E41, E42, Y15, YG17, W-0~W-4, T-1~T-6 colors.

Are marker streaks a concern? How do you correct them?
I embrace marker streaks as a Copic attribute. You can use colored pencils to lighten the coloring streaks.

What type of paper do you mainly use for your works?
I mostly use copy paper, premium bond paper, and LIFE unlined report pad. I think copy paper works the best with Copic products.

Why do you choose to use analog drawings for your work?
I use analog drawing because I love to make something that lasts.

Where do you get inspiration for your charming drawings?
I get inspired while drawing or from my everyday life. For example, I tend to include bread in my illustrations when I am actually eating bread.

Do you start drawing after you have a clear image in your head? Or do you decide what kind of illustration you want to make while drawing?
I decide the details of the drawing while making it. I start drawing after I got down a vague idea since I don't tend to associate concepts with images.

The "Uranai Nihoncha Cafe'" cover made by Ms. Awai, PHP Bungei handbooks”

What is your favorite drawing process?
My favorite process is adding the details after I complete the rough sketch.

What kind of work do you want to do in the future?
I'd love to design clothes in the future since I like to imagine clothes patterns. I want to draw food and plants illustrations as well.

Check Ms. Awai's picturesque drawings on her Instagram page or in one of her many illustration books.

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