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Interview with Copic Award Finalist Sushidog released


Today we are pleased to announce the release of the interview with Copic Award 2022 finalist, Sushidog.
Through this interview, we learned that the colorfulness making Sushidog's work so fascinating results from various influences. They shine when bringing out the best in Copic ABS and enjoy their creative process!

Don't miss out on the video here to see their show of their ABS skills in action and how Sushidog creates the distinctive "roughness" featured in their works


One of the finalists of the COPIC AWARD 2022 edition.
Bilingual (Japanese and English) artist who mainly creates illustrations using analog art materials.
Popular "Twitch Partner" streamer.
Since Sushidog became interested in airbrushing, they have been creating artwork while exploring new ways to express themself using Copic ABS.
Twitter: osushichan6 
Instagram: sushidog_art

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