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Copic Ciao My First Copic Starter Set

Copic Ciao My First Copic Starter Set
My First Copic Starter Set

A complete introductory set with carefully selected colors to learn and practice basic graphic marker techniques such as shading, layering, blending and creating gradations. This starter palette allows you to complete the included illustrations and you can then move on to create your own artworks by using the Multiliners included. The mini guide leaflet is there to support you step by step and for further detail you can also view the video below.

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Curated color palette

Curated color palette

10 versatile shades ideal for starting your Copic collection, easy to use when trying out techniques and you can adjust the intensity of each color with layering.
Also includes 2 Multiliners for drawing outlines with precision, once dry the water and alcohol resistant ink won’t blur when used with the markers.

Copic Technique Guide

Copic Technique Guide

A simple step by step guide to learn and practice various techniques, comes with instructions for completing the included line art illustrations.

Practice sheets

Practice sheets

You will find a sheet for technique practice and line art illustrations for coloring. In addition, blank premium bond paper sheets are included for your own creative practice.

Product Specifications

Product Name
My First Copic Starter Set
Set Content
Copic Ciao x 10
Copic Multiliner 0.3 x 2(Black/Sepia)
Copic technique guide
Line art sheets for practice x 3
Premium bond paper A6 x 8 sheets

How To Use

How To Copic1 1

・Use the chiseled nib for broad strokes and large coverage.
・Use angles for lines and textures.

How To Copic2 2

・Use the brush nib for soft strokes in a variety of widths.
・Ideal for blending and gradations.

How To Copic3 3

The translucency of the ink allows you to test the color depth by layering the same color.

How To Copic4 4

You can try different colors by overlaying and mixing the colors.

Technique Guide for Download

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