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Copic Interview Page Update


Over the last few years, we collected a vast collection of interviews with professional artists coming from different creative sectors. Today we are pleased to present you two introductions from our newest interviews:

Grangel Studio (full interview here)

Jordi and Carlos Grangel are Artists and Grangel Studio Directors, a studio based in Barcelona that specializes in character design focusing on animation feature films. Over the past 25 years, Grangel Studio has created art styles and collaborated on more than 25 feature films, including "The Prince of Egypt" (DreamWorks 1998), "Madagascar" (DreamWorks 2005), "Tim Burton´s Corpse Bride" (Warner Bros. 2005), "Kung Fu Panda" (DreamWorks 2008), "How to train your Dragon" (DreamWorks 2010), and "Hotel Transylvania" (Sony Animation 2012).

Sylvain Bordesoules (full interview here)

A young artist and illustrator based in Paris. He started his career as a storyboard artist for cinema and is now about to publish his first graphic novel "L’été des charognes" through the French publishing house Gallimard.

Find new inspiration with over 40 interviews with professional artists’ stories, insights, and tips.
We hope everyone enjoys the interviews and will strive to release engaging and inspiring content.

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