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Why is ink dripping from the Super Brush tip and what can I do?

What to do: Use a tissue to absorb the excess ink and remove the cap on the opposite site (the one for the Medium Broad nib) to check the nib. If this nib is slightly lighter, put the marker vertically with the broad nib facing down. -As a solution you may remove the Super Brush nib with tweezers and clean the inner part of the nib orifice using a cotton swab with Colorless Blender. Precautions to prevent ink leakage: Most of the times the dripping is caused by leaks inside the markers. When refilling ink, be careful not to overfill it. Also, if you refill your Copic markers by dripping the ink directly onto the nib, please do it on the side of the Medium Broad nib. In addition, the leakage may occur after the markers have been dropped or thrown multiple times, so please handle them with care.