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Which Copic colors are the closest match to the color range of Copic Comic Markers?

Below you can find "Comic Marker Approximate Colors Table" with Copic Sketch shades closest to the Copic Comic colors. How to read the table: PDF file will open in a new window * For Copic number replacement, the color number that actually applies to the color circle is listed. Please note that some colors are already in the Sketch series, but their ink formulas are different. Applicable colors: CM02 / CM11 / CM14 / CM15 / CM26 / CM47 / CM50 / CM52 / CM54 / CM55 / CM63 * 1) The approximate colors can be replaced by the previous and next color. ○ means that the color is very similar to that of Copic Comic's and △ means that it is somewhat similar. * 2) The same color can be refilled with Copic Ink.