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I found a Copic marker with the same number but a different name

In September 2015 we changed names of the following 8 colors, so that they would better describe and convey the specific color. Please be assured that the colors of the inks did not change. The intention of the color names is to give a descriptive reference and idea of the specific shade and for many it is also easier to remember than the code. However these are reference names only and should not be viewed as an identical match to the descriptive wording.
Color numbers Current color name Old color name ●:ciao ■:classic
V05 Azalea Marigold
R02 Rose Salmon Flesh ●■
YR61 Spring Orange Yellowish Skin Pink
YG41 Pale Cobalt Green Pale Green ●■
E00 Cotton Pearl Skin White ●■
E04 Lipstick Rose Lipstick Natural ●■
E13 Desert Sand Light Suntan
E15 Earthenware Dark Suntan ●■
E21 Soft Sun Baby Skin Pink ●■
E27 Milk Chocolate Africano
E34 Toast Orientale
E95 Tea Orange Flesh Pink
FV(FV2) Fluorescent Violet Fluorescent Dull Violet
FRV(FRV1 Fluorescent Pink
FYR(FYR1 Fluorescent Orange
FY(FY1 Fluorescent Yellow Fluorescent Yellow Orange
FYG(FYG1 Fluorescent Yellow Green Fluorescent Yellow
FG(FYG2 Fluorescent Green Fluorescent Dull Yellow Green
FBG(FBG2 Fluorescent Blue Green Fluorescent Dull Blue Green
FB(FB2 Fluorescent Blue Fluorescent Dull Blue