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The numbers of Copic Classic markers were once changed. What are their current numbers?

In 1991, we unified export specifications and color numbers. We also changed the color name of E04, E11, E15, E27. Please refer to the list below for the current numbers: the 100s, the 200s, the 300s, the 400s, the 500s, the 600s, the 700s, the 800s...
the 100s
the 200s
202=E15 204=YR14 207=YR24 208=E44 222=E13 237=E37 239=E07 242=E25
262=E27 271=E19 276=E49 279=E29 280=E09 282=YR23 287=E33 291=E31
the 300s
302=E04 304=R32 308=RV04 310=R27 312=R29 322=R17 325=R37 345=RV17
347=RV29 348=RV09 361=R35 362=RV14 367=RV06 393=RV11
the 400s
401=BG99 405=B23 407=B32 410=B39 411=B14 412=B29 421=B01 427=B34
439=B06 441=B00 447=B05 448=B37 451=BG05 455=B26 483=B02 485=BG02
the 500s
502=BV00 513=BV08 515=V09 545=RV19 560=V04 567=V06
the 600s
600=G17 606=YG03 608=G21 612=BG10 617=YG95 618=Y26 627=BG15 628=YG91
636=G16 637=YG13 638=YG99 646=G29 648=G28 667=G99 668=YG97 676=YG17
677=G07 678=BG18 679=BG09 681=YG23 684=G02 686=BG13
the 700s
704=Y15 706=Y00 707=Y11 708=Y21 712=E34 713=Y02 715=Y13 716=Y06
774=Y17 795=YG01
the 800s
801=R08 802=YR07 803=YR04 807=YR18 808=YR00 809=YR09 812=R20 822=E11