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How can I minimize mess when using the ABS?

Firstly, when using ABS, do not spray it vertically on the paper, but tilt it slightly and then start spraying the paper. Some colors have coarse particles, so be sure to spray test before applying it to your artwork. Also, please check the following before using the product: (1) The remaining amount of ink in the installed Copic marker. ・ If you find the color of ink is lighter than that on the cap, please refill the marker with Copic Ink. (2) The condition of the broad (angled) nib. ・ Check how to attach the marker and if the nib angle is correct. ・ Check if the nib in the marker is suitable for ABS (it should be the broad nib from Copic Classic or Sketch). ・ If the nib is dry and the ink has hardened, or if the nib has deformed, replace the nib. (3) Check if there is still air in the can. ・ If there is no air, replace the can. Also, it is possible that the air can has cooled down due to continuous use and therefore pressure could have dropped. Replace the air can or wait for a while so that the pressure will be restored.