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Copic Wallets: Newly improved

New Products2019.2.22

Copic Wallet is one of great option to keep Copic markers organized.
Folds to stand upright or lay flat. They close with Velcro and have an extra zipper pocket for extra storage. All sizes can hold Copic Classic, Sketch and Ciao markers. Wallet for 72 pcs features shoulder strap for easy transportation.

New features:
Embroidered Copic logo brings a luxurious look.
Made of polyester - Having good storability, usability and durability

Produts name Dimensions
Copic Wallet for 24 markers Approx H:275×W:510mm (extended)
Approx H:165×W:275×D:50mm (folded)
Copic Wallet for 36 markers Approx H:210×W:555mm (extended)
Approx H:165×W:210×D:85mm (folded)
Copic Wallet for 72 markers Approx H:275×W:610mm (extended)
Approx H:165×W:275×D:120mm (folded)

Material: Polyester
NOTE: There may be slight dimension errors since the Wallets are sewn products.

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