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COPIC Collection app has been updated

New Products2020.5.5

We are pleased to announce that "COPIC Collection", a management application exclusively for Copic markers, has been updated.In this update, we have improved the operability of COPIC Collection (for the Android version) and added various functions including data transfer functions for both the iOS and Android versions.

■ New features for both iOS and Android versions
・When changing your device, it is now possible to transfer the app data. The registered color number data can be transferred to the new device.

■ New features for the Android version
・You can import the photos and illustrations to find colors of your interest. You can also add colors of your interest to your wish list.
・A memo function was added to the color swatch. You can mark colors of your interest, and also record the number of Copic products you own by color.
・You can add the color number used in an illustration and share it on social media, etc.

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