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Streaming video tutorial by Luna Tsukigami: Find out how to color using Copic markers!


On June 1, Japan's Toyo Institute of Art and Design has started a new online illustration course called "#INSTAART" on Twitch, the world's leading video platform and community for gamers. This fun program features a very talented manga illustrator Mr. Luna Tsukigami as instructor.

Mr. Tsukigami has been a long-time fan of Copic, although he is currently making on his works mainly with digital tools. He is revealing his amazing Copic techniques every Thursday 11:00AM (JST, ‎UTC+9).
Don't miss out on the FREE opportunity to learn the Copic skills from professional illustrator. Click the link below and join in!


#INSTAART is hosted by Toyo Institute of Art and Design in cooperation with Too Marker Products Inc.

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