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Version 2.0: First Major Update for COPIC Collection!


Version 2.0: First Major Update for COPIC Collection!

■New Features

・ You can add every color you capture from pics and illustrations to the Shopping List directly.
Just take a photo and tap to import your color straight into the list. Color choices close to a color you capture will be suggested and displayed.

・Memo function in Color Sample.
With this function, you can easily manage how many markers (in each color) you already have, or which colors your favorite artist is using.

・You can change the color of icon image!
※Compatible with iOS 10.3 or later.

・Indication of total number of your Copic finally became available!

・ Tag the color used in your illustration and share that image on social media.
Spread your own Copic masterpiece to all over the world!

・Provides push notifications about the latest information and announcements from Copic.
You would not miss any news anymore.


First Major Update for COPIC Collection!
Upgrade to Version 2.0 for more fun and convenient Copic experience (iOS only).

Install new version →

・Compatible with iOS 11
・Compatible with iPhone 8/8 Plus/X

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