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COPIC AWARD 2019 Winners Announced!


The COPIC AWARD is an international competition aimed at providing an opportunity to share the diverse artworks created using Copic and connecting Copic fans around the world to inspire each other.
A wide range of excellent works across all genres gathered on COPIC AWARD 2019. This year, we received 2,108 entries from 72 countries.

After the rounds of judging of prestigious juries, the COPIC AWARD 2019 winners were finally decided.
The winners have been revealed on the AWARD special website

You can find the archives of live streaming from a link below

Urgent Announcement
The 3rd annual COPIC AWARD will officially be open for entry in January 2020.
Participating the AWARD and sharing the artwork is your chance to prove your skills and originality. This is a golden opportunity for gaining the recognition you deserve for your hard work.The COPIC AWARD is open to everyone – We will be waiting for your participation!

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