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Copic Thanks Party – A celebration event for Copic’s 30th Anniversary

Event, Info2018.2.21

The Copic Thanks Party event will be held in Tokyo throughout Saturday April 14 - Sunday 15, in conjunction with the COPIC AWARD 2017 presentation ceremony (April 14, invitation-only). This event will be taken place with the intent to express our gratitude to the worldwide Copic users, for their support and trust.

A few weeks ago, the COPIC AWARD 2017 winners were finally decided, and the award-winning artworks will be displayed at the event. In addition to that, all the 30th anniversary celebration "Shikishi" message from numerous well-known designers, illustrators and manga artists will also be displayed (see "Shikishi page"). This is going to be a great opportunity to witness the vivid, masterful touches of these wonderful artists.

We also welcome you to join us for the live drawing session by Mr. Eisaku Kubonouchi (famous manga artist/illustrator who created one of the main graphic for 30th Anniversary of Copic), or workshops designed to introduce you to provide step-by-step introductions on how to use the Copic markers.

Please visit this fun party with your friends and family - We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Date & Time: Saturday April 14 (12:00-17:00) and Sunday April 15 (10:00-17:00)
Address: Awaji-cho, Kanda 2-101, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan 101-0063 * Approx. 3 min from JR line "Ochanomizu" station and 2 min from Tokyo-Metro Marunouchi line "Awaji-cho" station (on foot).
Admission: Free

* We will open pre-registration page soon to help make your event admission as smooth as possible.
* We will keep you posted in detail of this event on this website and our social media pages.

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