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COPIC AWARD 2020 Winners Announced!


We are delighted to announce the COPIC AWARD 2020 winners. The third year of the AWARD has received 4,321 entries, far more than last year. Thank you to everyone who participated in the COPIC AWARD 2020.

All of the nominated pieces were outstanding, and the final judging process was extremely difficult, but this year's results again represent the diversity and individuality of the pieces that stood out.

・Grand Prize: "silk hat cat" HAMU
・Second place: "Humedo" Salvador Piuma
・Second place: "Vielfalt"HiddenService
・Future Generation Art Prize : Grand Prize : "Don't believe everything at face value" Ja_Sutapat
・Judge's Award (selected by Teiya Iwabuchi): "今日の記憶" susu kim
・Judge's Award (selected by Takeshi Obata): "ばばば" 魚pH
・Judge's Award (selected by Yurie Sekiya): "Construccion de simbolo" Ariel Gutierrez
・Judge's Award (selected by Chisato Tsumori): "The unordinary restaurant" melistncl
・Judge's Award (selected by Kei Matsushita): "2020" Steven Labadessa
・pixiv Award: "海のまほろば" ym
・Craft Awar: "Machiners will I dream?" 越智紫
・Social Media Award: "The Goldfish Queen" Gretel Lusky

The 100 pieces nominated for the Future Generation Art Prize (Youth Award) are also announced at the same time. Please make sure to check them out!

And instead of holding the awards ceremony, we made a special video. Please take a look.

Thank you again to everyone who submitted their beautiful artworks.

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