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COPIC AWARD 2020 Open for Entries!


We are delighted to inform you that entries are open for the COPIC AWARD 2020! The COPIC AWARD is a competition that provides the opportunity to share diverse artworks created by using Copic products. Anyone can enter regardless of age, nationality, or experience. No categories, no specific theme.

Deluxe prizes will be awarded to winning entries. The Grand Prize winner will receive a cash prize of US $3,000, an invitation to the award ceremony in Tokyo, and a full 358 set of Copic Sketch markers.

The entries will be shared on the AWARD's official website. Let's get connected with Copic fans all around the world to inspire each other and make your creative experiences more fun!

From May 1, 2020, 12:00 PM until June 30, 2020, 12:00 PM (Japan Time)

*There are no restrictions for nationality, age, experience, area of residence, etc. Applicants must be individual artists and not groups.
*Each entry is limited to artworks that have not already been made public either through another competition or exhibition (excluding personal exhibitions or one’s own social media page(s)).

*Your artwork must have been created using Copic products.
*The size of the artwork should be within L24″ x W18″x H12″ (L420mm x W297mm x H300mm) with the maximum weight of 11lbs (5kg). The specified dimensions of artwork have been changed from the previous year.
*No categories, no specific theme? we’ve purposely kept this broad to encourage imagination!

You can only submit your entry by uploading image files through the COPIC AWARD official website:

We are proud to present our panel of judges for COPIC AWARD 2020!
●Teiya Iwabuchi: Chief Editor of Bijutsu Techo, Representative of "OIL by Bijutsu Techo"
●Takeshi Obata: Manga artist
●Yurie Sekiya: Illustrator
●Chisato Tsumori: Fashion designer
●Kei Matsushita: Professor at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

* Entries must be created using Copic products, but it doesn't matter even if you only use a single Copic marker! Also, you can use other art mediums as well.

* Entries must be created by using Copic products, using as many as you want—but at least one Copic marker! You are free to use other art mediums in addition to Copic products.

* A newly established Social Media Award:
Post an image of your favorite entry on Instagram, with the following hashtags included in the caption: #copicaward2020/#copicaward_insta. Entries that get the most reposts will be eligible to win the Social Media Award.

* COPIC AWARD 2020 Special Feature Pages:
Past winners, judges, interviews, and everything else you want to see will be featured on the website.

Registration can only be made through the COPIC AWARD official website. The COPIC AWARD team is very much looking forward to receiving your entries!

If you have any questions about COPIC AWARD, please check:

COPIC AWARD 2020 official page

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