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COPIC AWARD 2019 Finalists Revealed!


We are pleased to reveal the shortlisted entries for the final round.

In COPIC AWARD 2019, we received 2,108 entries from 72 countries which substantially exceeded the previous year.
The quality of artworks was truly amazing, and it made competition keen as well as making appropriate judgement was undoubtedly a very difficult task.
Eventually, our expert reviewers have decided that 40 entries are deserved to be the shortlist of finalists.

In the final round, judges will review the original artworks to determine the Grand Prize and other special awards.

In addition, we revealed the Future Generation Art Prizes (U-18 Awards) Finalists as well.

Along with the COPIC AWARD, the Future Generation Artist Prize has been added this year.
Our judge, Mr. Noriaki Tanimura and our expert reviewers have chosen that 101 entries as the Future Generation Art Prizes finalists.

Winners will be announced on June 14, 2019. Please look forward to it!

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