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COPIC AWARD 2017 is now open for entries

Event, Info2017.9.21

A full-scale official website for COPIC AWARD 2017 has been launched! Entries are open starting now, and will close at the end of November 2017.

■ Application for participating in the AWARD should be made by filling out the required items on the Application form available in the Special AWARD Site.

COPIC AWARD 2017 Special Website

After you make an Application, the Organizer will send a confirmation e-mail. Following the instructions in the confirmation e-mail, please upload the image of your work.
Application will be accepted only if it is made on the Application form via the Special AWARD Site. The Applicant shall agree in advance that Application by other methods will not be accepted.

■ Application Method
Only one work may be applied by one person:


From the established categories above, please select one category to suit the work to be applied and make an Application.
NOTE: The category cannot be changed after submitting the entry information.

■ Eligibility
There are no restrictions for nationality, age, gender, experience, residence area, etc.

■ Basic Rules and Regulations
1. Copic markers or related Copic products must be used in a submitted work.
2. Entry should be an original work created by the Applicant himself/herself.
3. Entry to be applied shall be limited to the one which does not infringe other person’s intellectual property rights.
4. Entry shall be limited to the work which has not been made public at a contest or exhibition of works by the general public (excluding personal exhibitions).

■ Entry Fee: Free

* Be sure to read the "About" page and "Guideline" page carefully before submitting your entry.

We hope you have lots of fun creating your entry. Good Luck!

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