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Copic at Japan Expo 2022


Finally, the world is beginning to open up again and we are thrilled to bring back live Copic Experiences to our global audience and community. To our dear users in France and neighboring countries, we are pleased to announce today that we will be exhibiting at the 2022 Japan Expo in Paris, France from July 14 to 17. Exciting and creative experiences with Copic awaits you at our booth.

We will be showcasing and selling a variety of newly released Copic Ciao 5+1 sets with Japanese Manga themes, which will be available for free to try.

This year we are also celebrating our 35th anniversary as a non-disposable, sustainable marker that lasts a lifetime. To celebrate and to thank you, our Copic community that has supported us for so long, please bring in your Copics and you can refill your markers with Copic Ink at our booth for free! Don't miss this opportunity. We look forward to seeing you at the event. For more information about our Copic booth and the event, we will keep you updated on our website and social channels.

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