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Coloring contest in collaboration with popular manga “BEASTARS”!


“BEASTARS” Coloring Contest Winners Announced!Copic and IC are teaming up with the popular manga BEASTARS to hold an online coloring contest. This is the second collaboration with BEASTARS since Air Comiket in May 2020. Contest Overview: Applicants must download the line drawing of "Legoshi" (drawn by the creator of BEASTARS herself, Paru Itagaki) and color with Copic or apply IC screens to finish it. Then applicants post the completed works on Twitter with the hashtags #BEASTARS_COPIC and/or #BEASTARS_IC. beastars,copicmarkers Line Drawings for Coloring: Submission period: January 8 (Wed) - January 22 (Fri), 2021 (Japan time) ELIGIBILITY, etc: *There are no restrictions for nationality, age, experience, area of residence, etc. *Applicants can participate as many times as they like. *Applicants can use both hashtags #BEASTARS_COPIC and #BEASTARS_IC. *The winning entries will be announced on the official Twitter feeds of Copic and IC around the end of January. A direct message will be sent to the winners separately. *Excellent entries will be awarded gorgeous prizes.
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