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Contest on Instagram: MY COPIC MOMENT


We are pleased to announce that we will hold the 7th MY COPIC MOMENT contest!⁠
The theme this time is "Comfort Food"
Illustrate your favorite foods associated with good memories, feelings, or relationships.
We even accept a dish you want to try someday!⁠
The winners will receive Copic Sketch 12/24/36 set and Muliliner Sepia 4pc set, or a limited set as a prize!

It's never too late - Participate in MY COPIC MOMENT now!⁠

Contest Details: ⁠⁠
Entry period: March 20, 2023 - April 20, 2023⁠⁠
Result Announcement: May 8, 2023 ⁠

How to Participate: ⁠⁠
⁠*Create your original work and post an image on Instagram with the hashtag #mycopicmoment. ⁠⁠

*We will accept works created with alcohol marker pens, even if they are not Copic products!! ⁠
*Work created in the past is acceptable.⁠
*The combined use of other art materials is allowed.⁠
*You can post as many works as you like during the entry period.⁠
*Following both @copic_official and @copic_award is required.⁠
*Fanart will not be accepted.⁠
*Please list the key Copic colors used⁠
*This contest is not associated with COPIC AWARD 2023.⁠


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