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Last chance! The 2nd MY COPIC MOMENT!⁠


The theme this time is "Winter Holidays." Draw your own idea of winter holidays and post it with the hashtag #mycopicmoment on Instagram. ⁠

The top 3 winners will receive a Copic Sketch Set + Sketchbook Square.
This time, the prizes have been upgraded to 72 color sets, 36 color sets, and 24 color sets! We've also increased the number of special prize winners to 10!✨⁠

Contest Details: ⁠⁠
Entry period: Nov 15, 2021 - Jan 25, 2022⁠⁠
Result Announcement: Jan 31, 2022 ⁠⁠

How to Participate: ⁠⁠
⁠*Create your original work with Copic products and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #mycopicmoment. ⁠⁠

*Work created in the past is also acceptable.⁠
*Fanart of manga, anime, etc. will not be accepted.⁠
*Please list the key Copic colors used ⁠
*Following both @copic_official and @copic_award is required.⁠
*This contest is not associated with the COPIC AWARD.⁠ 


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