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Collaborative Project with Design Burger at Milan Design Week

Event Report2022.7.22

Design Burger, an influential online platform/community for industrial designers, participated in the recent Milan Design Week and Copic collaborated with them on a product sponsorship.

Milan Design Week took place from June 7 to 12, and more than 2,000 people visited the Design Burger booth.
The collaboration featured our Multiliner SP pen, which is highly popular in Europe for its beautiful sleek design and environmentally-conscious functions. Renowned product designers from various countries talked about their inspirations and how they come up with ideas for their designs.

A similar project had been running on Design Burger's Instagram account since last year, and we could say this was the offline version. 
We plan to continue collaborating with Design Burger in the future, including competitions utilizing the Copic Sketch set.

Design Burger
An online platform/community showcasing industrial design by professional designers and promising students from around the world.
It is organized and managed by a team of four London-based designers, Joe Slatter, Oscar Pearce, Alex Philpott, and Kester Page. Their activities are mainly engaged on Instagram, and their influential account has over 160,000 followers as of June 2022.


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