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COPIC AWARD: 2019 Grand Prize winner Grace Netanya in action!

Event Report2022.4.8

On February 5, COPIC AWARD 2019 Grand Prize winner Ms. Grace Netanya held a Copic workshop at a gallery in her home state of Florida, USA.
The class was for beginning to intermediate artists, and Grace taught the basics of using Copic markers, including blending and coloring techniques through the process of coloring a beautiful card designed by herself, themed for Valentine's Day.  

There were 23 participants, and the feedback was great. 
Some participants said they had purchased some Copic markers but had not used them because they could not figure out how to get started or progress. 

However, after taking Grace's class, they couldn't wait to try their markers because Grace taught them the concepts that they were previously confused about.  

For this workshop, we provided several Copic sets and marker papers. One of the goals of COPIC AWARD is to support the careers of the AWARD winners. We will continue to contribute to the local art community and support Grace's activities in the future.


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