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New product: Limited-edition Copic Sketch 6+1 Sets

New Products2021.10.1

copic sketch 6+1

We would like to inform you that in the fall of 2021 we will release 2 limited-edition Copic Sketch sets. Both sets offer exceptional value with one marker added as a gift from Copic.

These sets can be used on their own or in combination with other curated sets.

This is a global release. The exact time may vary depending on the region.

Copic Sketch 6+1 Vibrant Tones Trial set

Vibrant Tones Trial Set

A set of brightly colored shades, ideal for practicing blending and expanding the range of expression through color layering.

Copic Sketch 6+1 Airy Tones Trial set

Airy Tones Trial Set

A set of sheer and delicate shades, ideal for seamless gradations and translucent effects or as an addition to other sets.

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