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Copic Ciao × Mauricio MÔNICA TOY SET

Copic Ciao × Mauricio MÔNICA TOY SET

A special set made in collaboration with Mauricio de Sousa, a beloved cartoonist from Brazil.
With this small Copic Ciao set you will be able to draw cute characters from the popular animation series ’Mônica Toy’!
In addition to the 5 Copic Ciao markers, this set includes one Copic Multiliner in black, several line art sheets and a special sticker.

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Limited-edition product :
to be released in Brazil in the fall of 2021

Product Specifications

Product Name
Copic Ciao × Mauricio MÔNICA TOY SET
Set Content
・Copic Ciao x 5 (R35/Y08/BG34/E95/E49)
・Copic Multiliner 0.3 x 1 (Black)
・Line art sheets x 5
・Special sticker x 1
Main Unit Specifications
Size / 76×150×13㎜
weight / aprrox. 87g.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How do I best store my Copic markers?


    Please store your Copic markers in a cool place which is not exposed to direct sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight or strong UV rays may cause the body of the marker to crack and the color of the ink to fade. To prevent the ink from accumulating on one side, we recommend storing Copic markers and Multiliners horizontally (however, even if the ink accumulates on one side, you would be able to use the marker/Multiliner again after putting it on the other side and waiting for a while). Also, since our ink is flammable, please store Copic Ink (Various Ink) in a place out of reach of fire.

  • Q.How long does a Copic marker last?

    Generally speaking, if you store the Copic markers correctly and refill them properly, you will be able to use them for a very long time. All Copic markers also feature replaceable nibs and can be renewed, so feel free to replace them as needed when you feel the drawing comfort changed. That being said, since Copic markers are made of plastic, they will deteriorate over time. Because of that we ask you not to store them in direct sunlight (or fluorescent light) and high temperature and humidity.
  • Q.What is the Copic Paper Selection?

    Copic Paper Selection is a series of various paper qualities, created so that our users can experience different finishes. Please try out various types to find the one most suitable to your needs. Premium Bond Paper: slightly off-white in tone, bleed-proof and therefore recommended for beginners. Custom Paper: very white, provides vibrant expression of color and does not bleed. PM Paper: developed for design drawings, bleed-proof, recommended to use with colored pencils and pastels. Thick Marker Paper: provides vibrant expression of color, easy to create gradations. Gasen-shi: bleed-proof, texture similar to Japanese washi paper, suitable for watercolor-style artworks. Apart from A4 packs, we also carry papers in smaller sizes and sketchbooks. Click here to learn more about the Copic Paper Selection.


Mauricio de Sousa

Mauricio de Sousa

Born in São Paulo in 1936, Mauricio de Sousa is Brazil's leading cartoon artist. In 1960, he established Mauricio de Sousa Productions and is now CEO. His works, including ’Turma da Mônica’ (’Monica & Friends’), ’Horacio’ as well as many others, have been appreciated and loved in Brazil for over 5 generations. Mauricio de Sousa is closely affiliated with Japan, as he has a strong bond with Osamu Tezuka. In 2013, he was awarded the 4th Class Order of the Rising Sun by the Japanese Cabinet Office for his contribution to the cultural exchange between Japan and Brazil.


This animation was made in commemoration of the release of the Copic Ciao Monica Toy set, based on Mr.Mauricio de Sousa's original experience.

About ’Mônica Toy’

’Mônica Toy’ is a Brazilian franchise and animated series based on a popular comic book ’Turma da Mônica’ (’Monica & Friends’).
Known as Mauricio’s long-running signature series, it gained worldwide popularity and appeared in 116 countries.

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