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Copic is long-life, economical marker. All types of Copic are refillable, have replaceable nibs.

How to refill the marker

Copic Ink are refillable for all types of Copic marker.All 358 marker colors have a matching bottle of ink. Each bottle will fi ll an empty Sketch marker 7 times, 9 times for Ciao and 5 times for Classic.

1.Uncap both ends of the marker.

2.Using the tweezer tool, pull the broad nib from the base.

3.Insert Copic Ink nozzle into the core of the marker and refill the ink by squeezing the bottle gently.

4.Once completed, insert back the nib in place.

How to change a nib

Grab the nib with a pair of tweezers, drag it out down ward from the marker. Make sure ink doesn't splash.
Slowly insert a new nib into the marker.Wait until the nib fully soaks the ink.