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What is copic?

What is Copic?

Copic’s iconic graphic markers are loved by creative professionals, artists and hobbyists alike, from beginner to professional. They are available in various different shapes to suit individual needs. Copic offers the widest color spectrum on the market, consisting of an astonishing 358 colors. All Copic markers are refillable and nibs can be replaced, making them an environmentally friendly tool. By implementing strict quality control processes, color consistency can be guaranteed from batch to batch. Made with Japanese engineering excellence and regarded as the highest quality alcohol-based markers in the world, Copic markers are an investment for life.

In addition, we also offer related tools and accessories such as Multiliners, premium quality paper and the bespoke Copic Airbrush Set.


1 358 colors

358 colors

We offer basic colors to get started but also highly specialized shades for advanced illustration techniques. No matter experience level or creative field we can assure you will find the perfect color match and scheme for your artwork.

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2 Products that last a lifetime

Products that last a lifetime

All Copic markers can be easily maintained with Copic Ink refills and replaceable nibs.

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3 Alcohol-based dye ink

Alcohol-based dye ink

Our expertly formulated alcohol-based dye ink provides true expression of color. It is highly transparent and ideal for layering, blending and shading. Fast drying and low odor, you can apply the ink multiple times and mix colors without damaging the paper.

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4 Versatility


Initially developed as a rendering tool for professional designers, Copic is now used in many other fields such as illustration, fine art, architecture, manga and crafts.

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5 More than 30 years of history

More than 30 years of history

Copic was developed and launched in 1987 as the next generation graphic marker to meet the needs of professional designers.
With the extension of Copic Sketch in the nineties, both featuring the Super Brush nib, Copic became a treasured tool worldwide in many creative fields beyond design.

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About our colors

Copic delivers true and vibrant colors and we are committed to offer the widest selection to our users across creative fields. To facilitate navigation we have arranged our colors into 17 color families and developed a color code system to help you find specific hues and plan schemes.

A wide range of color lineup

An unrivalled spectrum

The color selection has been developed to meet the specific needs of our users, from basic primary colors to highly specialized shades . Copic Sketch carries the full range while Ciao and Classic have line ups tailored to their primary users.

Color variation expanded together with our customers

Collaborative color development

From the start we have collaborated with our users to meet particular needs, initially partnering with designers and architects to optimize their selection and later on with manga illustrators to extend shades for figurative drawing. We remain open to any requests or ideas you may have so feel free to contact us.

Extensive research to maintain the quality of all 358 colors

Extensive color quality research

The supply of ink materials fluctuates which we constantly monitor and to secure an identical color match of each shade between batches we extensively research formulations. This rigorous protocol ensures our marker s can always be purchased with peace of mind.

Let's Copic!

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Copic Sketch

Copic Sketch

Our bestselling graphic marker mainly used by creative professionals in many fields of design, illustration and fine art.Features our flexible Super Brush and Medium Broad nibs, refillable and with an ergonomic oval design and color coded caps.

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Copic Ciao

Copic Ciao

Our versatile introductory graphic marker ideal for students and beginners. It is more economical thanks to a simpler overall design and lower ink content. Refillable and features the same premium quality Super Brush and Medium Broad nibs as Sketch.

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Copic Classic

Copic Classic

Our original iconic graphic marker launched in 1987 and used primarily by designers and architects ever since. Features a Broad and a Fine nib ideal for design renderings and precise details. Refillable and with an ergonomic square design and color coded caps.

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Copic Ink

Copic Ink

With Copic Ink you can refill your Copic markers over and over and at the same time reduce waste and make the use more economical. The design enables quick and mess-free refilling and is also well suited for alcohol-based ink art. With the Copic Ink Empty bottle you can also enjoy mixing and making your own unique colors.

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Copic Multiliner

Copic Multiliner

Our sketching and drawing pens allow for incredible detail and utilizes pigment-based ink which is water and alcohol resistant and ideal to use with Copic markers. The ink will not blur or fade and the flow is consistent making it ideal for all types of sketching and illustration. Available in a variety of sizes and colors and in Brush style.

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Copic Set

Copic Sets

We offer a wide variety of readily curated Copic Sketch, Ciao and Classic sets. Each marker model has its own color scheme with Copic Sketch offering the widest choice.

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