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Copic Ink winner of GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021


good design award

Since 1957, Good Design Award honors products, architecture, software, systems, services with the best outstanding design in Japan. This award is assigned to excellent ideas, taking in consideration the entire building processes the candidate has executed to achieve an ideal or purpose in terms of design.
Copic Ink was highly evaluated for its shape that not only facilitates and speeds the refill of Copic markers, but also allows the user to enjoy ink art by using the bottle as a drawing item itself.

copic ink
copic ink art
copic alcohol ink art

Evaluation comment from the judges:
"Already winner of the Long-Life Design Award 2009 for their environment-friendly, ink-refillable and nib-replaceable markers , Copic has designed a new refill ink.
Not only was it easy to refill the markers, but the ink itself could also be used as drawing material. The possibility of expression was greatly expanded, such as the formulation of original and unique inks using empty bottles."

>> Please, check out the Good Design Award 2021 Copic Ink website

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